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Rex 1516’s 5th Anniversary and Annual Crawfish Boil!

We’re celebrating our birthday with a week of southern-inspired activities leading up to our Annual Crawfish Boil!

We’re kicking off our birthday celebrations with Mardi Gras Monday featuring $6 hurricanes from 5-7 pm.

We will be featuring a special anniversary Citywide burger on Tuesday 5/2 and Wednesday 5/3. As always, this will come with a burger, Newbold IPA & shot of Jim Beam’s Devil’s Cut for $17.

From Thursday 5/4 -Saturday 5/6 we will be hosting our Annual Crawfish Boil! We’ll have Narragansett buckets and our delicious crawfish boil available for you to enjoy. In addition to our specials, Adrian Hutson, jazz musician, will be coordinating live tunes between the hours of 6:00-9:00 p.m.

As an added anniversary bonus this year, we will be showing the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, May 6th and serving $10 mint juleps!

Sunday Supper with 2SP Brewing March 19th

Join us for Sunday Supper with 2SP Brewing Company on March 19th! Grab your friends and enjoy $30 BBQ plates and $12 pitchers of 2SP Brewing Bellcracker Double IPA all evening.

Your $30 bbq plate will include smoked brisket, pork, hot link sausage, bread, pickles and onions and your choice of two sides. The sides for the evening are potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans, and macaroni salad. We will also have our Memphis and Texas BBQ sauces available.

Please call 267-319-1366 to make your reservation for Sunday Supper by 3/18. Unfortunately, we will not be able to take any reservations for Sunday Supper on the day of the event.

photo credit: Kylie Flett // PUNCH Media

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with us!

Share a Pink Squirrel with your loved one and join us at Rex 1516 for Valentine’s Day! We will be featuring the following items in addition to our a’la carte menu.

Rex 1516’s Valentine’s Day Menu

Crispy Marinated Artichokes 10
baby arugula, shaved pecorino, lemon,
extra virgin olive oil

Seared Scallops 13
mushroom, fennel, bitter greens

Cold-smoked duck breast 22
collard greens, chestnut polenta,
collard liquor

Apple & almond pave 9
caramelized apples, almond frangipane,
maple & thyme ice cream

Specialty Cocktails
Jack Rose 9
apple brandy, rye, lemon,
house-made grenadine

Deep Royale 11
sparkling wine, crème de mure, hellfire bitters

Pink Squirrel 10
Can be made for two!
creme de noyaux, creme de cacao, cream

(photo credit: @kylielee83/@punchmediapr)

Rex 1516 & 2SP Brewing Sunday Supper

Grab your friends and join us on January 22nd for a night of BBQ and 2SP Cold Cock! Your $30 bbq plate will include smoked brisket, pork, hot link sausage, bread, pickles and onions and your choice of two sides. The sides for the evening are potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans, and macaroni salad. We will also have our Memphis and Texas BBQ sauces available. Each plate will come with the option to purchase one, or multiple, $10 pitchers of 2SP Cold Cock.

If you’d like to join us please call 267-319-1366 and make a reservation for Sunday Supper by Saturday 1/22 for Sunday the 22nd. 

photo credit: @kylielee83/@punchmediapr

New Year’s Eve at Rex!

Looking forward to having a special treat for New Year’s Eve? Ring in 2017 with items from our special food and drink menus below.


Cauliflower & Parsley Root Soup 8
Served with sourdough bread

Cornmeal Tartlet 10
Oyster Mushrooms, black walnuts, Lancaster cheddar

Whole Pan Roasted Quail 22
Cinnamon wood smoked apples, Beluga blue lentils, chicken jus

Purple Sweet Potato Rotolo 20
Crispy shallots, mushroom broth

Smoked Pork Cheeks 24
Hoppin’ John, crispy collards

Stayman Apple Crisp 9



Seelbach 9
Bourbon, orange liqueur, peychaud’s & angostura bitters

Hat Trick 12
Madeira, Aperol, rhubarb bitters, sparkling wine

Bella Donna 11
Allspice dram, cognac, sparkling wine, tiki bitters

French 75 9
Gin, simple syrup, lemon, sparkling wine

Pink Squirrel 10
Crème de noyaux, crème de cacao, cream

Guest Appreciation Week featuring @PhillyNomBros!

It’s that time of the year again. Rex 1516 will be joining our sister restaurants Cafe Ynez and Jet Wine Bar in sending out a great big THANK YOU to all of our guests with Guest Appreciation Week! Check in with us from 9/12-9/17 for drink specials & a special citywide burger collaboration with Gary Pica and Ryan Tegeler of @PhillyNomBros on Tuesday and Wednesday!

Speaking of our friends @PhillyNomBros, we had the chance to catch up with them and get some background on their project and love for the Philly food scene. Check out more information below.

When and why did you start @PhillyNomBros?

We started PhillyNomBros in March 2015. Both of us really love food and have always enjoyed eating out with friends. Before the Instagram food scene really took off, and before we started our account, we were always “those guys” obnoxiously taking pictures of our food at the table. Both of our interests in photography started to grow and then came an Instagram account. We had no expectations whatsoever related to the success of the account, we just figured we’d share our pictures rather than keep them stored on our phones.

What sparked your interest in food?

We have always loved food! Living in Philly, we’ve always made it a point to try new and interesting cuisines. Now that we have @phillynombros as an outlet, we have the ultimate excuse to continue to try new restaurants and explore Philadelphia.

What is your favorite part about the Philly food scene?

The people. Definitely the people. Over the past year and a half, we have gone to a handful of food events and have made tons of friends who are involved in the food scene in some way (self-proclaimed foodies like us, restaurant owners, chefs, bloggers). When we started Philly Nom Bros, we did not anticipate that we would meet so many interesting people who are as passionate as we are about food in Philadelphia. The Philly food scene really feels like a tight-knit community. There are so many restaurants that are passionate about creating innovative meals and providing a great experience.

Philly is large enough that there are always new places to try. At the same time, it’s small enough that everything in the food scene feels connected. Rex 1516 is a great example of this. You guys bring in chefs and food personalities from all over the city on a regular basis for the weekly Citywide Burger Special. It’s a great concept!

For us, it’s just a lot of fun to learn about and try new restaurants and food. We go out and have these great experiences all over Philadelphia on a regular basis. Our hope is that we can share them and someone will learn about a restaurant they’ve never heard of, or see a dish they really dig, and they’ll be able to go and have the same experience we did. That’s what it’s all about!
If you’re interested in following the PhillyNomBros on their travels through the Philly food scene follow them on Instagram and Twitter @PhillyNomBros.

Bluecoat Gin’s Drink-cision 2016

We’re ringing in the Democratic National Convention with Bluecoat Gin and participating in Drink-cision 2016. Stop by and try a Martini or a Martinez at Rex 1516 & then visit Bluecoat Gin on Facebook to vote for your favorite drink! Bluecoat will announce the winner on July 28th!

Bluecoat Gin & homemade dry vermouth with a choice of olive, lemon, or pickled scallion

Bluecoat Barrel Finished Gin with homemade sweet vermouth, maraschino & orange bitters, orange twist

We also added a Bluecoat Gin twist to two of our favorite cocktails for your enjoyment! Check out our additional “dark horse” cocktails below.



Bluecoat Barrel Finished Gin with sugar cube, Peychaud’s Bitters, Bluecoat Vieux Carré Absinthe Rinse, lemon twist

Mint Julep
Fernet barrel-aged Bluecoat gin with sugar & mint