Our Team

Jill Weber & Evan Malone – Owners

Jill and Evan met at the University of Pennsylvania in 1992, and have been in Philly ever since. Travel and food are major interests of the two, which led to the opening of Jet Wine Bar in 2010, followed by Rex 1516 in 2012, and Café Ynez in 2014.

Craig Meyers – Executive Chef

Craig Meyers was born and raised in the city he continues to call home. He’s pleased to have watched Philadelphia grow and flourish into a rich and diverse culinary landscape. From a young age, Chef Meyers was inspired by the comradery and artisan aspects of Philly’s culinary scene. He is passionate about the progression and expansion of today’s food landscape and strives to stay in front of trending cuisines and cooking styles.

When he’s not in the kitchen, Chef Meyers enjoys exploring new restaurants and going to see local hardcore shows. As a Philadelphia native, one of his favorite foods to enjoy is classic Philly water ice, with al pastor tacos being a close second

Heather Rodkey- General Manager

In July 2011, Heather worked as Consultant at Jet Wine Bar. It only took a few months before Heather was named REX 1516 General Manager, and later Director of Operations for Sojourn Philly.

A Pennsylvania native and adult beverage enthusiast, Heather’s passion for restaurant industry flow is unmatched. To this day, Heather has maintained a passion for hospitality with over 30 years of experience, and a commitment to continue learning and improving in an industry where change is the only constant.

An integral element to her success, Heather has strictly worked at restaurants in which chefs shared a comparable level of credibility and integrity to her own standards.

To further expand her knowledge of craft beers and wines, Heather organized beer tastings and cocktail gatherings, as well as managed the beverage programs while working at Philadelphia restaurants Rouge and Adsum. In addition to her extensive experience, Heather received a degree from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and studied at both The French Alliance and The Wine School of Philadelphia.

When Heather is not in the restaurants, she’s in her studio, drawing birds or silversmithing.

Brian Jackson – Dining Room Manager

A Florida native, Brian has been bringing Southern Hospitality to Philadelphia for the past 8 years. As the Dining Room Manager he enjoys wearing different hats and providing exceptional service in various roles at REX 1516. Originally coming from an upscale dining background that spanned from oceanside restaurants to country club dining rooms in Jacksonville, he appreciates the refinement and finesse that is involved in seamless service. Since moving to Philadelphia he has worked for some of the top restaurateurs in the city including Jose Garces and Stephen Starr. He has come to prefer a more intimate atmosphere such as REX 1516 in order to create a memorable and personalized dining experience.

Lou Dinunzio – Bar Manager

Lou first came to Philadelphia in 1998 to attend the Tyler School of Art. Deciding that it wasn’t where he wanted to finish his undergraduate degree, he moved to Charleston, South Carolina where he spent the next 8 years living and working. He worked at both a fast-paced college bar as well as a wine and tapas restaurant. This is where he developed his interest in bartending with fresh ingredients and began to research classic cocktail recipes. He has worked in the restaurant industry for over 20 years in all positions but found that with the face to face interaction of bartending, one can create an experience that feels both personal and inclusive. Always looking to learn more, he is constantly reading and researching to improve his knowledge about wine, beer, and cocktails. His experience in the kitchen helps with pairing beverages with dishes and being able to describe in detail the processes that produce Rex 1516’s amazing cuisine.